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What is meant to be beautiful, needs to remain beautiful!

Steel is a commonly used material for the realisation of building projects in various fields of application. Beautifully designed structures are made out of steel. And what is meant to be beautiful, needs to remain beautiful. Both technically as aesthetically. By protecting steel with anticorrosive systems, we drastically increase the lifespan, and enhance the unique aspects of steel structures.

Metaalbescherming Katwijk (Metal Protection Katwijk) has everything to protect steel structures properly. From pre-treatment with one of the largest blasting machines of Europe, to tailored advice on the most suitable protective systems for your application and environment.

What makes us stand out?





FlexibilityOur facility

Our flexibility is highly appreciated by our customers. Our 5400 m² paint facility is divided over six separate workspaces, which enables us to manage and execute multiple projects, phases and paint-systems simultaneously. We are not bound to outdoor circumstances like relative humidy and air termperature. Our halls are fully preconditioned enabling us to work on a 24/7 basis to create the best for your product.

ProcessThe biggest blasting machine in Europe

All products are mechanically blasted according to quality standard SA2,5. Our machine enables us to blast big steel structures at once. (dim. 40,00m * 4,00m * 1,60m - l * b * h). All processes are designed according to NEN-EN-ISO 12944.

Want to know more about our process?

  • 1. Blasting
  • 2. Transport & preprocessing
  • 3. Paint
  • 4. Control
  • 5. Loading &
Quality standardsOnly the best, is good enough

The ‘air humidity’ and ‘air temperature’ at the application site are essential for the process of applying a (multilayered) paint-system. To secure our quality standards these parameters are monitored and controlled fully automated in each workspace separately. By doing this, your product will experience the most ideal circumstances to be treated. NEN-EN-ISO 12944 is our leading guideline.

EfficiencyMinimal operations

To work as efficiently as possible we try to create the most ideal circumstances in our workspace. Here we aim for a minimum of operations for quality reasons (less damages) and the throughput of your project. Our workspaces are equipped with twelve overhead cranes and powerful ventilation systems. This respectively improves our handling speed and reduces the downtime during our process.

Possibilities As for us? unlimited.

Our extensive experience in the application of various coating systems for a wide variety of projects makes us an ideal partner.
From our expertise we can advise you in each application form possible.

Walk the talk

Walk the talk

Princess Juliana Terminal

St Martin, a beautiful tropical Island in the Caribean Sea, is visited yearly by thousands of tourists. Therefore, the people of St Martin chose to invest in a brand new Airport-terminal, which would welcome their quests properly. Both the technical and aesthetic execution were highly valued by our client, therefore we were very pleased to be awarded this project.


In case of this project you should really considerate the influences of the climatic conditions on site. St Martin has a tropical climate; high temperatures, high air-humidity, and high salt values due to the surrounding Caribean Sea. These conditions could drastically affect the lifespan of paint when not applied in a proper way. In order to increase the durability and quality of our product we considered these effects and proposed a solid paint-system applicable in this specific area.


The Juliana-terminal is design by NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants).

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